Sunday, November 27, 2011

Top Ten

Thanksgiving Weekend's Top Ten

10.  Mom's dressing.

9.   Three sisters, most of their families, cousin and family, mom, Chad, kids, and inlaws filling mom's house for Thanksgiving lunch.  No hospital and Cracker Barrel for us this year.  :)

8.   Three extremely energetic and healthy children who call me "mom".  Sometimes one at a time.  A lot of times all at once.

7.   Thanksgiving weekend with "Friends" on Nick and Nite after the kids are in bed, propane fireplace on, and hot coffee in hand.

6.   Christmas decorating has commenced!

5.   Lowfat Carmel latte and Target trip by myself.   Alone.   Singularly.   No one fought over who was going to push the cart.   I did it myself.

4.   Purchasing first Christmas gift...and knowing that the recipient's eyes will gleam with excitement when she sees it!

3.   Mom's dressing.    Sleeping in until middle would ask permission to turn on the tv.   At 6:30am.  It is a struggle most school mornings to get her out of bed at 7am.

2.   Taking two evenings to read all of the entries the kids stuffed into our jar "Full of blessings."  Top entries: Jesus, family, cwanbewwies, and potties.

1.    Mom's dressing.   A good first week at a new job.  And a job to look forward to tomorrow.  To quote a famous man (or my Dad), "I can't believe they pay me to have this much fun!"

Here's to making the most out of this week.

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