Monday, September 17, 2012


This morning I was putting on make up like always. And for some reason, the lines on my forehead wouldn't disappear. Not only would they not disappear, go away, vanish....they actually looked AND felt like real creases. Wrinkles?!? No fine lines here. Now I'd really like a "de-wrinkle-inator" from Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc. Yes, please let this character here make something to zap my wrinkles:

If only....but at least I don't look like him.

Then life began. You know, the morning flurry of activity which now includes early athletics and a new report time at work. All good things, just a busy schedule. Life starts and you tend to forget about those little things, like wrinkles.

So many things happen in a day. Good and wonderful things. Seth made the "A" team tight end in football...his goal! Fun and light things. Auntie Ann took lunch to the girls at school today! Sad things. Heavy and gray things(I'd rather not share examples). And mundane things. Laundry, the grocery... The day rushes by with such a great speed you can sometimes feel it rushing past you, leaving you feeling (and looking) windblown.

"Make each moment count."
"Be a light."
"Treat everyone with dignity and respect. (even if they are 12 and have been to your office three times this week)"
These things play through my head most moments of each day.

Then, at the end of the day, "Lord, please give us rest." A prayer prayed with each of my children at bedtime. A prayer prayed daily, sometimes multiple times a day, for my husband.

As I took the time to start this journal of sorts, it was only for selfish reasons. To unload and share a little of what goes on in our world. Although the hope is there that these words encourage you to love the life you have, with who you're with, making moments count.
So many people these days spend so much energy and time on issues and subjects that frankly I don't have the time or energy to worry about right now. Yes, they are important. But in front of me are more important things that must be tended to.

Praying for rest for my husband's weary body. While physically he struggles with good and bad days, it becomes much more difficult when the good days are less than what they used to be and so much farther apart. Loving the determined spirit in him. But please, God, some rest.

Please take three minutes to listen to two of my favorites: Louie Giglio and David Crowder Band(and I love how you can hear a little of Crowder's Texas twang in this)

My God has a "Won't-Let-Go-Inator"....