Monday, March 10, 2014

Numbers of an Overachiever

Day to day stuff is not what usually fills these pages.  However, today is different.

Just over a week ago (8 days, but who's really counting) my husband was injured.  Not a severe injury, but his knees gave way under him, he slipped on some ice, and injured not 1, but both knees.  He has always been an overachiever.  As is Texas weather...that day the weather dropped 50 degrees in 8 hours and brought 1/2 inch of ice.

Numbers since that day:
4 doctor's appointments(5th one today), 2 hours in the MRI, a total of just under 3 ounces of bloody fluid drained off of his 2 knees, not much sleep, trial and error to find a perfect combination of pain meds to help, 3 consults, 3 orthopedic docs, 2 super sore shoulders and elbows, 2 crutches that can't be used due to horrible joint inflammation, 2 bionic knee braces, a number of injections to prevent clotting.
The man never does anything 1/2-way. With his underlying chronic health issues, he continues to confuse doctors and their staff, just in a different specialty now. 

Telling all of this why?  Not for pity, sympathy, or any of that mess.  As my kids like to quote, "Ain't nobody got time fo' that." (Thanks, Sweet Brown)
No.  Because there is another list of numbers that are helping balance those others:
3 happy healthy kids that are growing in strength, determination, and reliance on God, 2 sweet longtime friends who filled our freezer with 4 meals, 1 aunt who provided 2 sweet treats for lunches and such, 1,000s of prayers lifted up on the overachiever's behalf, 24 bedtime talks with my kids sharing what's on their hearts, and the overwhelming reassurance that we have not been left to fend for ourselves.  God's got His eye on us.  And even though we were already feeling worn and exhausted from the storm of chronic illness, He added more to the storm.  But He's still here with us.

The near future holds many more lists of numbers, but I'm certain they will be on both sides of the storm.

And to keep it real, thank God for Spring Break and coffee.  And LaCroix sparkling water with coconut.  And Tiffany's chocolate cake.  And Phineas and Ferb.  And, Opening Day is less than a month away.

"Joy and pain, sun and rain, You never let go." ~ David Crowder Band