Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Happy Heart

“A thankful heart is a happy heart..." 

Love this time of year...when much of the country pauses to focus on why they are thankful.  In this day and time no one seems to pause for anything except to pause the DVR for a potty break.  And at times it's difficult to notice any one's gratitude for anything.  Drilling gratitude into my kids' hearts and minds has been near the top of the list when raising our three rowdy kids...

Our pause of gratitude tonight began with a night of take and bake pizza, band hero, and cooking in the kitchen.  Memories made of Seth finally agreeing to a Taylor Swift song on Band Hero so Sarah could sing it...Daddy mustering enough muster to sing a funny rendition of "Mr Roboto", and Ella Grace excitedly searching cookbooks for a "puhfect suhpwise wecipe" that we made together.  (how in the world have I never ever made Paula Deen's Chocolate Chip Coffee cookies?) 

The little one loves to spend time with her mommy...which is why I suppose there so many stories to share about her.  As we were cooking tonight, "aw...I just buhped, but not a wegulah buhp...just one that comes up in yoh mouth but not yoh nose..." (gross) Also, the cucumber and onion salad for tomorrow's Thanksgiving meal may not have the thinnest slices of cucumber in it...but they were sliced with love and oh so much excitement.  (Auntie Ann, I hope you don't mind...they are not uniform in ALL)

Time to pause and focus on what makes our hearts happy.  A couple of years ago we started a tradition of placing a jar on the table with slips of paper by it so we can all add what we are thankful for...despite any hardships and bad days we face, my jar runneth over.

"Because a thankful heart is a happy heart.  I'm glad for what I have, that's an easy way to start..."~Madame Blueberry of Veggie Tales.  :)

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