Monday, May 14, 2012


So Mother's day was yesterday and I completely wanted to write about my momma. And how she's awesome and wonderful and giving and loving and funny and a great puzzle builder and cookie baker and all of her incredibleness. But that will have to wait.

How incredible that a five minute drive to school can be so powerful. Not sure it was that for the kids today, but for their mom it was something I'm still dealing with in my mind and heart.

We share Bible versese at times on the way to school. This morning I read one in which Jesus heals a man's skin disease with a touch of His hand.
Backing out of the driveway I hear, "I wish Jesus could just come touch dad and take away his diseases...why can't He?"

Lump in throat. Turn out of the culdesac.

"Well, since Jesus isn't here on Earth, God uses our situations, like Dads health, to teach us things and grow us into how He wants us. That way we can show Gods love to other people. It's not easy but He is here with us all the way."

(thank you, God, for giving me the words!)

The twelve hours prior to this drive to school, has been struggles in my head of "Why?" "When?" and "how much longer until there's some relief?!?".

So glad He used my green-eyed 9year old to bring me back to His truths.

Still knowing God can bring healing. And have faith that it will happen. And until then, treasuring blessings and moments like these!

(The children's ministry at our church is IN-CRE-DI-BLE. Led by a man with incredible energy and patience and creativity, every month the kids come home with "head and heart" verses to focus in for that month that correlate with what they are learning in class. )