Monday, November 7, 2011

My new word: "Superheroesque"

Note:  this post has been written and rewritten a few times.  I'm not sure just has...

Chad (my husband of 15 yrs) celebrated a birthday this weekend.  We tend to make a big deal about birthdays around here...especially for...well, everyone.  Dinner out on Friday, dinner with family on Saturday, church and lunch with friends on Sunday.  (might I add, all of those meals were followed by at least one mug of Amy's Blend Caribou Coffee for me...)  Gifts of board games, Legos, and frosted animal cookies from the kids (and imagine, Ella Grace wanted him to open those animal cookies two days early).
Fun weekend for most everyone.

Now, some may not know that Chad is secretly a superhero (shhh).  He possesses powers and abilities that I didn't know were humanly possible.  Ready for it?      He is an incredible fake, in the best sense of the word.  He went to these meals, went to church, played a board game and built Legos.  He felt terrible the entire time, but faked well enough that you had to look a little closely to be able to tell.

More on all this later.  I mean, he'd probably be upset if I shared all of his superheroesque qualities with you in one post.  :)

Just one more thing right now.  Yesterday in Bible Class(some churches call it Sunday School, some call it Bible Fellowship...) our lesson was about storms in life, using the text from scripture about Jesus calming the storm on the Sea of Galilee.  After many comments, stories, and visuals were shared, after questions were asked and most answered, Chad spoke up.  The question was asked of him, "How do you live with the daily storm you face?" 
His answer: "Well, I've come to live where I'm not in fear wondering what will come next...what will be the next thing to go wrong or land me in the hospital.  I live knowing God's got a plan, and I'm just waiting to see what HE will do next and how He'll use our experiences."

On his birthday, giving me the gift of remembering this truth we are promised throughout God's word.

And yes, he is still MUCH older than me.

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