Friday, May 30, 2014

Never alone

Update, if interested.
Chad remains in the hospital.  He has had a rough couple of weeks.  He is showing some improvement today.  The doctor even said the "H" word as a possibility this weekend. 

A short synopsis, as there have been some questions as how we got here:
It has been two weeks since Chad's initial day surgery on his R knee. 
The Monday after the first surgery an unknown event occurred and he bled into the joint, filling the knee capsule with blood, which formed huge clots(think raspberry jam).  Since he is on angicoagulants he bled a lot.  This caused excrutiating pain as he continued to bleed, but the blood had no where to go.
Tuesday night/Wednesday morning he was admitted to the hospital for pain management and orthopedic observation.  
Friday he had a venous filter  placed and then had surgery to remove the clots and blood in his knee.  
He developed more complications throughout Memorial Day weekend and early this week.  
Wednesday day and night were very rough.  
Yesterday and today he has shown improvement and pain has been less. 

Thank you for continued prayers and offers of help with the kids.  They are resilient, great kids.  If you find them on your doorstep, though, please take them in for awhile.  :)

Since Chad has dealt with chronic illness over the last 11 years he has never stayed in the hospital this long. We know we aren't ever forgotten or alone, and are held in mighty hands.
Never alone...listen. 

Friday, May 23, 2014

Dear Healthcare Provider

Written as a mom of three active kids, the daughter of a precious aging mom, and the wife of a determined man who happens to suffer greatly from chronic health problems.

Dear Healthcare Provider,

Thank you for the choice you made to care for others by using your knowlege and skill and implementing advances in science and the health care industry.  You have a direct impact on people and their families.

From the standpoint of a wife desperate to advocate for the health care of her husband, I'd like to remind you of a few things.  Note, this is a reminder to myself as well, as I am a health care professional.

1)  Your patients are not their diagnoses.  They are people.  Living, breathing humans who have a place in the world.  They have a name, a family, a circle of influence. Your patients are NOT "the lap/chole in room 522" or "the laboring mom in room 10."  They are more than "just another knee tap"" and "just another tube feed," or God forbid "that guy who is back AGAIN." Your patient is someone's brother, wife, sister, son, daddy, friend, coworker.  They might sit next to your child at school or might fix your coffee at the coffee shop.   Treat them like you would treat your own.

2)  Please take the time to listen.  Beyond all the government and institutional restraints placed on you as a provider, listen to your patient.  For instance, if your phone rings, use courtesy and excuse yourself as you answer it.  Don't ignore the person who is right in front of you.

3)  Health Care.  Don't forget the "care" portion of the term.  Care for the entire person, no matter what department you represent.  Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health work together to make a whole healthy person.

4)  Remember why you are here.  You've been given a unique opportunity to have influence in a life---many times life-changing influence.  Most of you took an oath which included "helping your fellow man".   No where did it state "I need to show others how much better I am than them."

There's a story of a doctor who passed away.  At the funeral home, a man scraggly in appearance, smell of alcohol on his breath, sweaty and unkept, entered the room and walked up to the casket of the good doctor.  The family, not knowing the man, sent a family member to approach the man and itroduce himself.   The worn, dirty man told the family of how the doctor had seen him a lot, even saving his life once.  He made the comment that he always treated him well, with respect, no matter what shape he was in.  "Had to come say bye to my friend," the man  said.

Please consider these thoughts as you do your work to take care of others.

C. Berg, RN, BSN

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

This is not that day

Some day I will write a funny post.  With all the creative one-liners and things to make real life sound hilarious.  

This is not that day.

Many have asked how Chads surgery went.  After his injury in early March, hours of doctor's visits, and physical therapy, he had surgery Friday.  A rather simple procedure meant to correct the problem for a few more years until more drastic surgery is most likely needed.  As you know, his body doesn't like to cooperate.  He needed much more anesthesia than his doctor usually likes to use.  

Let's insert here that after surgery Friday, Seth had a baseball game Saturday and one Sunday. Let's also interject that between the two ball games he had his 8th grade dance.  That he asked a sweet-friend-who-happens-to-be-a-girl to.  That he had a blast at.  And now you are wondering "How do you has a kid that old?".  I do. And he's a great kid.  

Things have gone relatively well for Chad since the surgery.  Other than some tendinitis in his wrist, which was helped by his pcp, he's been ok.  

Until last night.  

He's now on hour 24 of being up with horrible, overwhelming pain.  Bleeding into his knee joint.  A torturous afternoon of procedures and of different departments playing "you take care of him".  We ended up with him having a torturous time in the ER.  After being home less than two hours, he's now on his way back.  

Please pray for pain relief.  For rest.  For compassion and insight for the doctors.  For my kids tender hearts that have had to see and experience their dad endure so much.  That I can be the momma they need. 

We are blessed.  With family and friends willing to help.  With coworkers and friends providing food and help with kids.  

What I want more than anything is prayers of healing.  That the tremendous pain and agony Chad's been experiencing to be relieved.  

We know God has us firmly in His grasp and isn't letting go.  We know this will be used for good.  
We are just a little worn.  

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