Tuesday, November 15, 2011

promise of hope and a future

This may be the most disorganized blog post ever...

A new chapter begins. 

Funny how when you think you have things figured out, God can come in and reveal a different plan.  Just over three weeks ago, after many months and months of praying and pleading for clear direction, I came to the conclusion that God still wanted me right where I was in my job.  Continue to work in a job that I love, with people I love even more.

See, last Thanksgiving looked something like this:
the day before Thanksgiving:
(the smiles aren't all fake...we were glad to be together)

Thanksgiving day:

Not really where we wanted to spend the day.  But as the saying goes, you do what you have to do, right?  A mommy trying to make Thanksgiving great even though Daddy's in the hospital and gets IV fluids for his Thanksgiving dinner.  Thank goodness for Cracker Barrel that cooked for the kids, Aunt Janet, and me!

A snapshot of today would look like this: a Daddy who is not feeling well at all...
every symptom he's ever experienced (almost) is occurring simultaneously,
 a baby girl who's 7 who has strep throat,
an almost 9 year old and an 11 year old who are going full steam ahead,
 and a Mommy who has had about 7 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours,
has laundry and housework oozing out of every space in the house,
 and needs to get the van in for an oil change and body repair. 
(the van.  and me, too...whenever i have the time)

Twelve hour shifts are pretty hard when Daddy isn't feeling well, and well, most of the last 12 months have been with Daddy not feeling well.  Any mom can understand why leaving your family at 6:15pm to work in an ICU setting and then return no earlier than 7:30am  to rush everyone to school isn't the best idea.  Or easiest. For anyone involved. 

We've tried our best!  We've relied on family and friends to come help at home.  We've discussed with bosses and HR departments about 8 hour shifts, leaves of absence, FMLA, and paid time off.  We've played around with schedules, tried to be more organized...we've tried to do the best for everyone involved.  My incredible nurse manager and friends at work have been very supportive and understanding.

The NICU is my first love...I love working with babies and giving their families hope for the future.   Seeing God's handiwork many times before it's meant to be seen.   Most of the time, it is a very rewarding job.  Sometimes, it is the most heartbreaking job.  I humbly believe that God has used me in the NICU since 1998 for His glory.  (there were 2 1/2 glorious years since 1998 that I was not in the NICU...I have left before.  During that time I raised my own babies, and had the awesome privilege of working at the Methodist MDO.  Talk about another incredible group of ladies!  If the director could pay me my nurse's salary and benefits, I'd be working there in a heartbeat!)  The people I work with in the NICU are amazing.  Many lifelong friendships have been forged through work.

Enter God's plan and timing.  An opportunity to work at the Children's Hospital, Monday through Friday, six hours a day, has been offered to me.  No weekends.  No holidays.  No call. No 12 hour shifts.  Can take the kids to school.  Will be home an hour after the bus brings them home.  Will still have time to go to Chad's appointments.  Will still have time to go grocery shopping ALONE (woohoo!). Can continue to run taxi service to gymnastics, soccer, church, and what not.  Maybe a routine in which I can even fit in the body work that needs to get done.  :)

God's got a plan.  Even when we can't see it.  He's going to use it for good. 

Excited to see how God will use this opportunity.

Jeremiah 29:11---"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord.  "Plans to prosper give you hope and a future."


  1. So happy for have certainly earned your new 'no weekends, no nights, no holidays' schedule! Love you!

  2. Wow what an amazing blessing! Glad for you!

  3. Oh Cindy! So glad for you! This schedule almost sounds dreamy but I know that you'll still be working 24/7. Hopefully this will provide some more family time and a more predicable day.

  4. Cindy, I am so happy for you! Tell EG that I hope she feels better and Chad too. I wished you lived closer to me...I would steal your van and go get the oil changed for you!!!! Love you guys.