Thursday, January 31, 2013

To be 13 again

SCARED out of my ever-loving mind at first, being a nurse in a junior high is fun.  Confession: I kinda like it.

In fact, this nursing job is turning out not only to be a fun job with an amazing schedule, but also a source of comedy.... the kid who, when asked if he had any allergies, told me that "I'm only allergic to mucous.  Mucous makes me throw up."   Hmmmm.  Then he proceeded to talk incessantly until his mom came to take the fever-laden kid home.

....what about the boys who were convinced they got "tipsy" from the rum cake brought to the holiday celebration?  Some mean girl told them she put real rum in the icing instead of rum extract.  (she did, in fact, use the extract, confirmed when we called the parent)  Those poor boys came back many times that day to make sure their feelings were not because they were drunk.  Perhaps just too many sweets?

....a frequent flyer coming in around the same time every day, right after he helped out in the front office.  After talking with the counselor, come to find out he's kind of over the class he's trying to dodge, and his life goal is to be in the Naval Men's Chorus that travels around singing for special things.  Didn't even know people had that as a life goal.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.

....better than the girl whose life goal is to run a fruit stand.

Oh, to be 13 again.  A whole different set of stresses, that's for sure.
Even so, glad I'm an adult this go around in junior high.

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