Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Monstrous, odoriferous blessing

Smelled something funny as I sat down to fold clothes. Sniff...not the clothes.

Wandered into the kitchen, searching for the smell. Not in the trash can, and not the disposal. Dishwasher? No. Rotten potato? No(Spanish). Wet dish rag? Nuh-uh.

None of these thoughts panned out to be the culprit. So, I went back into the living room and noticed that Seth had just tossed his game day clothes into his athletic bag. Because I'm such a nice mom who wants her children to not look like they just tolled out of bed all say long, I pulled them out to fold them. Then, like a hundred arrows coming toward me, the smell hit. Underneath his game day clothes lay his monstrous, odoriferous, size 14, Adizero basketball shoes.

(Let's just leave it there with that's where the smell was originating)

To be honest, the last few days have been stressful. A lot on our minds and things way out of our control affecting our family's life and Chad's health. We've had to focus and deal with some really rotten things.

After I made my monumental discovery tonight, I texted a precious friend who has three teenage boys, all who play sports...
"Because I know you probably have experienced this:
I had NO idea basketball shoes could smell so bad.
Misconception: indoor sports shoes won't stink as bad.
Holy cow."

Her reply:
"Girl ... My whole house smells like that. There's not enough febreeze!!"

After some funny comments back and forth, we concluded: we are so thankful for those healthy, stinky blessings. Seth is a healthy, growing, good kid...a hard worker and a good friend.

Thankful God could use even STINKY basketball shoes to remind me to be ever so thankful.

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. (1 Thessalonians 5:18 NIV)


  1. Cindy, there is a product I order online called Zero Odor. It is amazing. The online commercial shows sports moms sniffing their kids' stuff before and after. I used it tonight on my teenage daughter's not-so-flowery-smelling Bob's (a Tom's knock-off) and some flats she has. I am hopeful and will let you know how it works. Febreeze concept without the fragrance! And I am all for cutting out the fake fragrance sources (more of what I've learned from our new doc). But this is a fantastic post. Just don't let the darlin', size-14-wearin' son know about this post. Might be a badge of honor. Might be a badge of horror! :-) Love you!, Linda

  2. I've heard that putting the shoes in the freezer gets rid of the odor.