Tuesday, January 24, 2012


So really, sometimes there is a need for a sounding board for questions running through my brain.  It won't stop or shut off, but there's this urge to get it out there...wherever "there" may be.  Questions of the day since I walked in the door at 5:32 pm....

Why does clutter reproduce?

Grocery store?  Really?  Can't they just deliver already?!?

WHY isn't there some relief in site for the stubborn man in my life?  Thank God for his stubborness.  It's probably what keeps him here.  But please, God, a little respite for his sake? 

All three kids talking at the same time.  I have two ears, children.  I love you dearly and want to hear what you have to say.  Now will you please wait patiently?

Footloose.  Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.  Hound Dog.  Magic.  All of these songs my sweet seven year old knows now by heart, and she cannot wait to dress up as an "80s girl" for her muscial.  Wow.  I picture Debbie Gibson.  How do you make me laugh and smile even when you are supposed to be in bed? 

Yes, dear, sweet, compassionate child, when you leave your homework at home, you have to sign the conduct book.  It bothers me more than it does you, which bothers me more.  And when your friend offers you a waffle fry from ChickfilA at lunch in trade for a pretzel stick?  Hmmm...he's probably counting the days until you are 13 to ask you to the after-football dance.

Seth, I am so glad you are playing French horn now, and that you love it.  Your dad loves it, too, but wishes you'd practice in your room.  I'm so glad you are enjoying and are talented at playing basketball.  Now please, shower, and use soap.  And the daily question...did you put on deodorant?

Questions to my family and to myself.   But I always end with this...

End of the day question...did I let my light shine? 
I sure hope so.  Thank you, God, for today, and for your unquestionable love.

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