Tuesday, January 10, 2012

II Pause II

Been writing this post for a few weeks now, but always seem to get interrupted or get too sleepy to finish. 

A wonderful holiday season was had by all at our house, celebrating the birth of our Saviour!  We've come up with some traditions in our little family, that include things like decorating homemade sugar cookies, picking out a new Santa decoration, and making and sharing peppermint bark.  The kids were full of excitement, and yes, Santa still comes to our house.  Five of my mom and dad's 7 kids were here to celebrate with mom, and we were able to celebrate with Chad's family, as well.

And now, a new year.  Yay!  A fresh new start.  But wait.  It's already January 10th?  Already?  The kids are back in a routine that includes homework and projects and schedules.  Work hasn't slowed down...just the opposite.  Seth is STILL growing taller than me.  The girls look bigger and more grown up every day.  Laundry is still piling, the house needs attention, and let's not forget...those Christmas trees still need to be taken down and put away. 

And what about the pounds that are to be lost, the gym class that's supposed to be scheduled, and the orthodontist appointment that needs to be made?  The groceries get eaten, the doctor and lab appointments are on the calendar, and Dixie needs to get to the vet...has anyone walked her...this week?

I'd like a pause button, please.  Thank you.  A chance to take a minute...or a hundred catch up.  To get ahead of the game.  To organize, exercise, clean!  To make this the best year ever. To be at each destination on time, each thank you note written.  To mop the floors and clean out from under the sinks.

I think the DVR that changed my life also put a snag into it...everyone thinks we can just hit pause during any program at any time and come back to it whenever we'd like.  Oh, if that were the case.

The past few years we've been taught the hard way to live life in the moment.  To quote the brother of a sweet friend,  "Love God, embrace beauty, live life to the fullest." (Kyle Lake, former minister at University Baptist Church in Waco, TX)

Taking it a day at a time, prioritizing tasks along the way, and resting in God's peace.
"Are you tired?  Worn out?  Burned out on religion?  Come to me.  Get away with me and you'll recover your life.  I'll show you how to really rest." Matt. 11:28, the Message version.

This WILL be the best year ever!  (But the Christmas trees MUST be down by Seth's birthday.  :)

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