Sunday, January 15, 2012

Can I get an "Amen"?

It's natural.  It's the way it's supposed to happen.  He's not hurting and he's in a better place.

You can say all of those things, but to sum up, I still miss my Daddy.

Now, I had my Daddy 32 years!  He was in his late 60s when he went home.  Friends of mine are walking much different roads of grief and loss.  Roads that my heart cannot fathom or even comprehend.  When I consider these friends, awe and wonder fill my heart.  But I'm still going to write about the things I miss most about my Dad.  Cause he's been on my mind and in my heart a great deal lately, that's why.

1.  Dad was positive.  Positive about life, his salvation, his love for his wife and family.

2.  Encouragement.  Whether you wanted to hear it or not, he had an encouraging word to say, or an encouraging way to get something done.

3.  Dad and mom.  Mom and dad.  A teenage marriage that "would never last" lasted 53 years together!  And he loved to call mom "St. Carolyn."   :)

4.  Hands.  Dad had HUGE hands.  They disciplined.  But they hugged more.

5.  Constant.  Dad was the same at home, at work, at church, at Lion's club...wherever he went, he didn't act any different.  Even, at WalMart.

6.  Music.  Dad loved music...Bach, Handel, anything with big trumpet and organ together.  One Christmas he gave each child their own copy of Handel's "Messiah."   And many of my friends remember his "Good Morning" song he taught them all on school and church trips.  Oh, I'm sorry...he didn't really teach them...rather, he used it as their alarm clock.

7.  Mealtime.  Dad loved to eat good food.  :)  But what he loved even more was sitting together, sharing life along with the meal. 

8.  Patience.  Listening, waiting, and then responding.  "We cannot control people's actions toward us, just our reaction toward them."  And that man practiced what he preached.  Can I get an "Amen"?

9.  Humor.  He loved to laugh.
10.  Peacemaker.  Dad always wanted everyone to get along, and desired harmony in every relationship.

11.  Humility.  Genuine humility.

12.  Faith.  His unwavering faith in God.  Written in his day planner were Bible scripture and creeds...his own and some more familiar to others.  Patients at the hospital remember him praying with them.  Daddy sang "Jesus Loves Me" to us, and prayed with us at bedtime.

Blessed.  So grateful that I was born, seventh of the "Lucky 7", to an incredible mom and dad.  Loving the time I get to spend with my precious momma, and missing my Dad along the way, knowing without a doubt where he is...can you imagine the glorious music he's hearing as he's right there worshiping his Lord and Savior?

So, to leave you on a light note, either 1) go listen to a rendition of "Who's on first?" by Abbott and Costello,  2) pull up "The Trumpet Shall Sound" by Handel on your ipod and turn up the volume,  3) remember!  "Every day is a good day!  Some are just better than others!"

Dad with two of his grandsons...Seth and Nathan...late 2000.


  1. Love this, love that he left such a legacy! Love you friend!

  2. Thanks, Schwarzo : ). Love you, proud of you, keep up the good work.

  3. A truly wonderful man. What an honor to be one of his sons-in-law!

  4. An outstanding rememberance of "All Things Ben!" Makes me miss him too!