Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Thanks for being a life saver

A perk of working day shift in the NICU ten+ years ago was occasionally being greeted by the pharmaceutical reps providing formula for our patients.  One in particular would always greet you with a smile, hand you a lifesaver wint-o-green mint, and say, "thanks for being a life saver".  (That rep happened to be my uncle John, my dad's brother--he's an amazing man!)

We all picture true life savers---people who risk their own lives or use their knowledge and skill to help rescue others.  In a cape, scrubs, BDUs, bunker gear, or uniform, we all have a picture in our minds.  

What about those life savers that don't fit into those pictures?
I mean, really, lately some of the following things have saved my life...

Yes, flavored sparkling water, favorite movie lines, good coffee and scripture have saved me more than once these last few months.  And the friends that will meet for a quick breakfast or ask to take me to lunch.  That sweet conversation is priceless. And even short texts, just letting me know we aren't forgotten, seem to save me some days.   And the three kids at my house---sometimes pulling at my tiredness and patience, but always keeping me going in the end.  They are life savers.  

These are a few of the things that have saved (& continue to save) Chad's life...
That silver claw-looking thing was in the biggest vein in his body catching clots for a month while he was recently off of his normal blood thinner. I did not include the group of people who helped him the night I got a call from the hospital saying "Mrs. Berg, we had to call a rapid response team on your husband...needs intervention...(insert Charlie Brown teacher voice here)...he's okay now but..."

He continues to have good days, followed by not-so-good.  He's finally beginning to be able to start PT in the simplest of forms, which is great although he still has a long way to go.  And I can't help but tell you that all of this has stirred up all of his autoimmune responses/diseases.  

Thankful for all of those "life savers" that are a part of his care.

Most importantly, this is our one true life saver.  Trust me. And know why.  

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