Friday, May 30, 2014

Never alone

Update, if interested.
Chad remains in the hospital.  He has had a rough couple of weeks.  He is showing some improvement today.  The doctor even said the "H" word as a possibility this weekend. 

A short synopsis, as there have been some questions as how we got here:
It has been two weeks since Chad's initial day surgery on his R knee. 
The Monday after the first surgery an unknown event occurred and he bled into the joint, filling the knee capsule with blood, which formed huge clots(think raspberry jam).  Since he is on angicoagulants he bled a lot.  This caused excrutiating pain as he continued to bleed, but the blood had no where to go.
Tuesday night/Wednesday morning he was admitted to the hospital for pain management and orthopedic observation.  
Friday he had a venous filter  placed and then had surgery to remove the clots and blood in his knee.  
He developed more complications throughout Memorial Day weekend and early this week.  
Wednesday day and night were very rough.  
Yesterday and today he has shown improvement and pain has been less. 

Thank you for continued prayers and offers of help with the kids.  They are resilient, great kids.  If you find them on your doorstep, though, please take them in for awhile.  :)

Since Chad has dealt with chronic illness over the last 11 years he has never stayed in the hospital this long. We know we aren't ever forgotten or alone, and are held in mighty hands.
Never alone...listen. 


  1. Elated by the idea of less pain and improvements. Hang in there. "The darkest is just before dawn"....said someone who has lived a real life. :)
    Continued thoughts, prayers, and wishes for speedy recovery your way.
    ~ Jennisty and family

  2. Miss you dearly, think of you everyday!
    I lift your family in prayers, everyday; beginning:middle:end!

  3. Praying for your family!!! Love you