Sunday, October 14, 2012

Reality show

Life isn't as perfect as others may make it out to be. 

That's what I tell myself, anyway.

There is one TV show that I've watched faithfully over the last three years.  During the last winter Olympics, NBC promoted a new drama, "Parenthood."  Starring a great cast, Chad and I have watched it from the beginning.  It is the one show I have to keep up with.  It follows the life of the older married couple, along with their four grown children and their families.  I cannot tell you what a great show this is.

Honestly, I am not a fan of "reality tv."  However, "Parenthood" is reality tv to me, although it is scripted.   It takes real-life situations and family dynamics and puts it on the tv screen. :)  It also always has great music.

The latest storyline is that one of the characters has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  Christina is the character I relate most matter what challenges have arisen within her family unit, she does what she has to do to make things work.  Husband loses his job, she goes to work.  Son with Asperger's, she does whatever she can to make life as normal as possible.  The last episode, she and her husband were at an appointment with her surgeon, deciding on a timeline for treatment.  The doctor looked at her and said (paraphrased, of course), " seem like a woman that has done whatever she needs to do for her family.  Now, your family needs you to do this for you."


Watching this "reality" show.  Knowing life isn't always as wonderful as it may sound or appear on social media.  But I've already let you know my heart on that subject a few posts back.

That's one thing that's on my mind. 

The other is this.  It's amazing how God brings us through things, and although they may seem insignificant at the time, it is later in your life you realize it was most definitely for a purpose. 
Terminal illness -vs- chronic illness.  Who wants either of those?  It's not like if someone said, "Okay.  You have to choose between these two illnesses.  Which one should I sign you up for?"

Yes. answer is neither, thank you.

And sometimes God has other Chad getting put on the "chronic" list.  So you accept it and allow Him to use it for good.  Even when there is nothing good staring you in the face.   We will allow the mounting list of symptoms and increasing severity of these symptoms to mold us and change us for Him to use for good.   I know God will use these experiences, no matter how painful, for His good...if not now, in the future with us or our three kids.  (which, in this picture-perfect pic, taken by Whitney Scott, the kids (and I) were much younger and smaller than they are now...and Chad was a bit more spunky back then)

And all the while, being that mom and wife who will do whatever she needs to do for her family.  With God's help, of course.
" were made ...for such a time as this."~Esther 4:14

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  1. I love that show too, and I love this post! Love you guys!