Sunday, October 7, 2012

Thanks anyway

"New normal."

Um, no thank you, I am enjoying normal right now.  There is no need to get a "new normal."  You see, that would involve something changing.  I just got used to this normal we have at the know, the one You changed just a few weeks ago?   And I don't mind keeping older, used things.  My closet will tell you that.  So will other things and objects I possess...we keep things until we need a new one, and then it doesn't necessarily have to be brand new.  No, I'm quite content, thanks anyway.

That is a conversation God and I have had a number of times over the last few years.  See, He'd like to get on with things and shape and form me into what He needs me to be now, when I'd like to stay the same, thank you very much.  What's wrong with now?  I mean, things could be better in some areas of my life, no doubt.  Things could be better...

But instead of leaving things (and me) the way they are, He chooses to change them.  Not really in ways I'd like to see, but all for a purpose.

The youngest has been studying Earth know, landforms and such.  This couldn't stay the same and become as fascinating as it is today...

Water, movement, erosion (all third grade terms, mind you)...all these things God put in place to make this miraculous natural beauty.

That's what He'll reveal.  Someday.  But for now, I will painstakingly watch the "new normal" come to shape(again) praying that rest, relief, and healing will come, quickly.

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  1. Water, movement, erosion. There's an image (or three) that will stay with me.

    As always, your writing is profound, lovely truth-telling, Cindy.