Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The most unlike places using the most unlikely folks

Amazed how there are times God can bless us in the most unlikely places using the most unlikely folks. 

Tonight I walked wearily into the pharmacy to get a med and drop off some others to be filled.  Believe it or not, we spend a lot of time and money at the pharmacy.  The ups and downs and "chronic" part of chronic illness does that.  At checkout, "It says the pharmacist needs to speak with you...." was what I heard the pharm tech say.

Thinking to myself that this was a waste of his and my time, that this med has been in our house for 11 years now, and please, just let me get on with my evening errands, I saw a very experienced pharmacist come to the counter.  A sweet, gentle man that has helped me before.

He looks over the med, and says something about how he guesses we are pretty used to this and what a potent med it is.

"Yes sir, he's been on it 11 years."

He went over his list of side effects and precautions, and ended with "Eleven years?  Wow.  That's something."

"Yes, since he was 28..."  then I said something about how little did we know when we got married so long ago that his health would be so different at such a young age.

The man then went on to encourage me and then say that he was proud of me and proud of both of us as a couple.

I couldn't quit staring at the sweet man as my eyes filled with tears.  (Confession: I have cried at the pharmacy before, but just once, when I was exhausted and there was way too much red tape to get through when all I wanted to do was to be able to take care of my husband)  My Dad's words to his kids always included that he was proud of us.

The pharmacist then continued with some wise words regarding determination and character.  He started to punch the keyboard to finish up the transaction and for some reason I asked if he had known my dad.

A smile came across his face.  He had worked with my dad a number of times at the hospital...his words were "your dad was a real genuine man."  For the next minute we talked about how God's plans aren't what we want sometimes...that if we had our way Dad would still be here, even though we both know he's much better off where he is now.

Thankful for the meds that keep Chad alive.
Thankful for the legacy of faith my Dad left.
Thankful for the man God put in my path tonight to give me encouragement on a night when I truly needed it.
Romans 8:28  "And we know all things work together for good for those that love God..."
"Love ya, proud of ya!"--Dad

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  1. And now I have tears in my eyes, too. Love you, proud of you, Cindy Bear!