Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Shabby (but chic, of course)



  1. Damaged and shabby as a result of much use.
  2. Very tired.
worn-out - used - shabby - threadbare - well-worn

Here are things that are worn at our house.  Perhaps you have some of these in your house.
"Favorites" of the following: shoes, jeans, soccer balls, baseball gloves, games, playing cards, spatulas, cookie sheets, the carpet on the stairs, blankets-held-since-they-could-hold, the old coffee pot.  Not to forget: some tupperware, my favorite towel (only 17 years old...a wedding gift), socks, flip flops, my toothbrush.
And let's please remember some of the people in this house are worn as well, if you go with the second definition.  Physically, emotionally, mentally worn.  Even on summer break...I look in the mirror and see a worn out person.

Perhaps that's what comes to mind first when you hear the word.  Ready for a break.  Ready for some mercy.  For some relief or respite.

When perhaps, God's mercy is being thrust upon us by the very life that's wearing us out?

The following is a song that hits many people in many different areas of the heart.  Wherever you find yourself worn, I hope this reaches you there and lends a little of God's mercy, as a cold glass of sweet tea on a hot summer day or a cup of coffee on, well, any kind of day.


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