Thursday, October 27, 2011

A new day

"And it might not be the prettiest thing you've ever seen, but it's a new day, yeah baby it's a new day...."~~Robbie Seay Band

So, how do you start a blog? 
Why do you start a blog?

Answer #1: After days of setting this up and being made to feel completely technologically stupid, here's what we've got.

Answer #2: Selfish reasons.  Just mostly to put stuff down as it comes to mind and heart. 

Beginnings are so filled with emotion.  Excitement, fear, anxiety, hope.  Every day is a new beginning, and even if it's not pretty, it's still a new day!  Another chance to touch someone's life, to make home a little homier, to see my kids' faces.  Wondering what will come out of their mouths and minds today.  Personally, I look forward to new days.

That last sentence holds so much in it.  Every morning I wake up and am excited of what the day will hold, knowing that lying beside me is a man who finds this as a challenge.  How will I feel?  How badly will I hurt?  Will I be nauseous all the time or just when I'm up and moving?  I long and hope for the day that this amazing, determined man will wake up and look forward to a new day.  That's all I am going to say about that.

The kids are hilarious in the mornings.  Unpredictable, they either wake up on a high or low...never middle ground.  Either a "leave me alone until 10:00 please," or they bound out of bed and begin talking at 90mph!  The World Series has consumed Seth's brain (along with his NFL fantasy team), so most mornings I hear every single detail and thought about how the Rangers will win with their line up and making sure he has another Ranger shirt clean for the next day.  Looking ahead, that boy. 

This morning, sweet Sarah was the first one up, ready to share her joy for life.  If only we could all wake up with our hair looking as good as Sarah's does in the morning.  ~sigh~ 

And Ella Grace, grumbling as she descended from her loft bed, then doing a complete 180 when she realized she got to wear her soccer jersey today.  It was "wear your favorite teams shirt day" at school.  "Of cowse my team is my favowite, genius!"

Hoping your beginning today finds you anticipating what's to come, while enjoying every second of the day!

(Whew!  Now that that's over, perhaps the next blog posts will be a little know, like the tree that Lucy(Sandra Bullock) tries to pull up through her window in "While You Were Sleeping..."  "I should have gotten a blue spruce...they're lighter.")


  1. Yay! Love it! It was favorite jersey day for us too---Collin wore Rangers, Cade wore his soccer jersey too. =) Love reading about your sweet family.

  2. Love your blog, love While You Were Sleeping and love you miss Cindy! :-)

  3. I think of you everytime I hear Robbie Seay....I also adore While You Were Sleeping...almost as much as I adore your precious family. *Brooke

  4. Love your blog! Miss the Berg family!!!